Crushed velvet dress – easy project for your fall wardrobe

crushed velvet dress

A crushed velvet dress is all the rage this fall.  This style usually means dressing in layers.  Stockings, light coats, long vests, short dresses worn as tops –the possibilities are endless.  The short dress for autumn is an essential piece of clothing that can take us from morning to night time.  It is easy to add to if the temperature drops and easy to wear during the warm hours of the day. Autumn and spring really is when northern and southern hemispheres actually have similar temperatures, so this design should work for everyone.  This particular dress is one of my favorites because of the flexibility that it provides –worn with high boots, stockings and ankle boots, over skinny jeans, leggings or just a scarf.  It is the perfect piece of clothing for your wardrobe.  Layer it any way you want and you’ll have … Continue reading

Adding Bling with Fabric Stencils, Sew-On Jewels, and Sequins

fabric stencils

Printing using fabric stencils is one of the easiest ways to decorate a garment in need of a bit of excitement.  To tell you the truth, the princess I “borrowed” for the photo shoot a couple weeks ago for the Easy Princess Dress Pattern didn’t like the costume at first.  Who can blame her?  There was no tiara, no jewels or slippers and most importantly no bling on the dress to make her feel special. The costume she wore was made of satin.  Plain satin can be a flat and somewhat boring fabric if it doesn’t have a little bling on it.  Satin is like a blank canvas where you can paint, embroider and glue things to it to make it more exciting and beautiful. So I set about to liven up the Easy Princess Dress and in the process I wanted to … Continue reading

Winner of $100 Giveaway from Ellie and Mac Announced

New $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway

And the winner of the $100 Ellie and Mac Giveaway is…: We’re delighted to announce the winner of the $100 Ellie and Mac Giveaway as Isabelle T. from Quebec, Canada.  Isabelle entered the contest by visiting the Ellie and Mac Facebook page.  We’ll pass Isabelle’s details on to Lindsey at Ellie and Mac who will shortly be in touch with the gift certificate. This is first time I can recall a winner of one of our giveaways from Canada.  We’re delighted that someone from up north has won as Canada represents our third largest readership base after the US and the UK.  We have almost 40,000 readers per month in Canada so we’re delighted to see a giveaway winner among them. $100 Giveaway from Ellie and Mac We had a terrific turnout for this giveaway with over 1,000 entries.  If … Continue reading

Surprise Craftsy Sale: All Classes Under $20!

surprise craftsy sale

We don’t usually like to send out too much about these Craftsy sales as I’m sure you all get enough emails directly from them.  However, I thought it would be worth highlighting this special surprise sale they have decided to run just for this weekend. All Craftsy classes are going for under $20!  For classes that are regularly $29.99, that’s a good savings of some 30% –which is worth looking in to.  However, this sale covers ALL their classes including those classes usually prices at $49.99 (60% savings), $59.99 (67% savings) and even $69.99 (71% savings!)  Classes can be for sewing, quilting, or any other topic in the Craftsy Catalog. If you’ve been waiting for a good time to grab those more expensive Craftsy classes, now’s the time!  Click HERE to shop this sale. Here are a couple of my … Continue reading

Craftsy Sewing Wallets Class – Free Giveaway!

Sewing Wallets: Step by step. Learn lots of new sewing skills and techniques while sewing 3 fun and interesting wallet projects.

We recently revealed a few behind the scenes shots and sneak peaks of Deby’s upcoming Craftsy class Sewing Wallets: Step By Step.  I’m delighted to tell you that editing is almost completed and the class will be ready to launch soon.  Keep following to hear more about the launch. You’ll get the opportunity to learn: 3 different snaps you can use on your wallets, and how to install them how to sew a zipper pocket without a zipper foot (although you can still use one of course if you are comfortable with it) how to fold and sew pockets for your bank cards about the different types of interfacing that are suitable for wallet making how to sew both fixed and removable wrist straps, and the hardware you’ll need 3 different wallet patterns all based on a similar set of … Continue reading

The easy long cardigan, a staple in your wardrobe

easy long cardigan

This is a super easy project.  You’ll see that there isn’t a long tutorial because the design and construction are so simple.  This cardigan is very minimalistic and streamlined –perfect for the busty girl.  I have used tulle in the back to add a bit of drama but it is completely optional and you could use the same knit fabric to make the project even simpler. The easy long cardigan is a design that has been around since the sixties.  A favorite of women who have to step out in their pajamas to drop the kids at school.  At least that is what we see in the movies, isn’t it?  The fact is that it is a staple in women’s wardrobes. Worn with leggings and a tank top or shorts and heels, it is the perfect accessory to hide your bottom. … Continue reading

Craftsy class news – Sewing Wallets

Did you see the photos of Deby’s recent trip to Denver? A couple of you guessed why she might have been there, so the secret was out.  After months of hard work, all in secret, she finished filming a new sewing class for Craftsy called Sewing Wallets: Step by step.  We’re so proud that Craftsy selected Deby for this exciting project. The class is still being edited right now.  Of course, it wasn’t all taken in a single non-stop take, like some of our YouTube videos.  Craftsy classes are very much more professionally produced, and much longer too.  So we can’t share much more with you as yet, or tell you exactly when the class will be ready for launch.  But we simply couldn’t keep the secret to ourselves any longer!  It’s just all too exciting.  If you enjoyed the … Continue reading

Sustainable Sewing: How your hobby saves the planet

sustainable sewing

What’s Sustainable Sewing? The whole idea behind “sustainability” in general and sustainable sewing in specific is that of leaving a minimal impact on the planet.  This idea incorporates issues like carbon footprint, waste creation and disposal, and labor practices.  Nowadays, producers and designers are always under public scrutiny and those who operate without eco-integrity face an onslaught of negative press, particularly in social media, given the connectivity made possible by the internet. When it comes to fashion and sewing, among other things, sustainability means quality and durability as well as the incorporation of more timeless designs that can be worn for years rather than replaced or thrown away as soon as the style or fad changes.  A garment represents sustainable sewing when it is well-constructed (ie. made-to-last) out of eco-friendly natural fibre fabrics that will last longer than your standard disposable/cheap … Continue reading

A Visit to the World’s Finest Fabric Shop

finest fabric shop

I know, I know..this is a big assertion, “the world’s finest fabric shop..”  After all, the world’s a big place and there are a lot of good fabric shops, but please read on and you’ll understand.  As I’ve written about many times before, I’ve been sewing all my life.  I’ve also been fortunate enough to have lived in quite a few different countries and travelled a lot.  So as you can imagine, I’ve seen a lot of fabric shops in my day.  All that being said, nothing could have prepared me for what I discovered in Florence, Italy a few weeks ago when we were on holiday there. I was walking down one of the beautiful side streets just next to the famous Duomo and I saw this window display with some of the most lovely fabrics I’d ever seen. I found myself … Continue reading

Easy Princess Dress Pattern: Have you seen Frozen?

fabric stencils

I am clueless about it because I don’t have a little girl in my house anymore, so I don’t really know much about the recent movie “Frozen” except that it was very popular.  Parents of a child under 9 will be more familiar with the lyrics and the story line.  A main character in the movie was the princess and as you would expect, the Disney artists made her gown magnificent and I’ve had a lot of requests about whether we could design a project to make something similar. While I didn’t see the movie, I am certainly still familiar with having “princess” in the house and I know how much little girls love the idea of princess costumes.  My daughter, who is now fifteen, used to parade herself around day and night in a tutu.  On “bad” or extreme princess … Continue reading